Invidious: Open Source YouTube (with Dark Web Access!) #invidious #foss

Given that YouTube is owned by Google and Google controls the world (more or less), you might be tempted to look for some alternatives at some point.

There are two that I happen to know of, one of which I covered on the other blog. The first is NewPipe, which I was using for quite some time until the app started to have issues and wouldn't show videos anymore. It may be that I didn't have the latest stable release, however.

The second, as the title says, is Invidious, which has both clearnet and onion links! I thought I'd quote part of the description on, since it covers some of the major features:

## Official Onion Sites: * kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion * axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion


  • Audio-only mode (and no need to keep window open on mobile)
  • Open-source (AGPLv3 licensed)
  • No ads
  • No need to create a Google account to save subscriptions
  • Lightweight (homepage is ~4 KB compressed)
  • Tools for managing subscriptions:
  • Only show unseen videos
  • Only show latest (or latest unseen) video from each channel
  • Delivers notifications from all subscribed channels
  • Automatically redirect homepage to feed
  • Import subscriptions from YouTube

  • Dark mode

  • Embed support

  • Set default player options (speed, quality, autoplay, loop)

  • Does not require JS to play videos

  • Support for Reddit comments in place of YT comments

  • Import/Export subscriptions, watch history, preferences

  • Does not use any of the official YouTube APIs

  • Developer API

I especially like that it's available over Tor, although it seems that you do have to enable JavaScript for it to work properly (if that's something you're opposed to, then this site may not be ideal).

So far, I haven't come across any video sharing sites that don't require JavaScript, so you're out of luck in that department.

Here's a good screenshot of its onion site:

As I said above, it's open source as well, so here's its GitHub repository if you want to check that out: omarroth/invidious: Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube

You may want to compare YouTube, NewPipe, and Invidious side by side to see which one you're the most comfortable with.

One other feature that I like on both NewPipe and Invidious is that they make it simple to download videos as well, which YouTube doesn't (not surprisingly).

Play around with these and let me know which is your favorite!

Is I2P Browser Safe and Functional? #i2pbrowser

Those of you who read my other blog at may have heard me mention I2P a few times. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then allow me to explain.

I2P, like Tor, is an anonymity network, and I'd also consider it to be part of the “dark web.” While people generally think of Tor, exclusively, as the dark web, I like to put all of the different anonymity networks under one umbrella.

You can download the software for I2P at I2P Anonymous Network. Alternately, it's also available on F-Droid at

The I2P Browser, on the other hand, is (from what I can tell) a fork of the Tor Browser – it looks very similar, in fact. The main difference, on the surface, is that the I2P Browser's color scheme is purple, whereas the Tor Browser is grayish.

As for being functional, the browser seems to work just fine. I admit that I haven't figured out all the details yet, but as opposed to the Tor Browser, the I2P Browser uses port 4444 by default (Tor uses 9150).You can see the default proxy settings here: I2P Browser Proxy Settings.

Right out of the box, the browser doesn't have an outproxy to the clearnet, either (which the Tor Browser Bundle does). I found a good guide to this on Reddit, as a matter of fact: Newbie guide to setting up I2P outproxy to clearnet?

If you, personally, want to mess around with it, then go to the about:config settings page and tinker with that. Otherwise, don't touch it!

To check if the browser is working (and therefore connected to I2P), try this link: i2pwiki.i2p.

This is a subject I'd like to explore further, so if you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Secrets of the Dark's Second Hideout...

Hello world!

Those of you who are interested in the dark web may know a blog called Secrets of the Dark, at

So, yeah – I'm that guy. I'm testing out as an alternate platform because it seems to have better privacy options and such. I'm not taking the original blog down, but I might alternate between the two of them.

As before, I'll be covering the dark web, technology, and privacy themes on here, and suggestions are welcome.